Well, it was Regent’s Park again today, then a walk down to town to pick up the car we left there last night. Total: just over 16,000 steps, which I’m guessing is about 7 miles perhaps? (Oh, and a nice dog we saw while there). I had hoped to get a run in, but then […]

Mrs H was in London today for a training course, so I went into Town with her and we had a good walk through Regent’s Park. Cutting to the chase, I have just hit 20,800 steps so with the round trip and some walking later I’ve done alright overall. Quite eventful it was, though – […]

Mrs H had a pretty full-on day yesterday, starting very early and requiring some careful planning. So circuits was out of the question, realistically. Then, after the day was over, I couldn’t really avoid my full Uber-Dad duties, ferrying children to/from Guides, jobs etc. Then I got sucked into helping my 16yo set up a […]

I managed to fit in a sneaky 10K run this lunchtime, round Rickmansworth. Pretty muddy, hillier than I remembered, and worst of all – too much of a queue in the coffee shop when I got back. Boo! This month has actually gone pretty well, it seems: so far in January I’ve run 45.4 miles, […]

You might argue – third verse day, same as the first… Today was awfully similar to day 1 this week, with circuits in the morning and yoga in the evening. Why change something that isn’t broken, I say. There – that definitely proves my love!

As it turns out, the last couple of days of circuits have left my legs feeling pretty broken! That’ll be all the squats, burpies, lunges and so on. However, having the idea in mind of doing a half marathon in a few months, I found myself thinking I ought to get some miles in the […]

A couple of traditional hearties today. First off, an early start for circuits at 6:30am. It was freezing – pleasantly so, in fact, it being pretty dry so rather enjoyable to be out in, with the crunching under foot as we went about our exercises! I was concerned I was under-dressed, with just a long-sleeve […]

We tried a local circuits class that was running this morning, at Fit Club Amersham. It was a TRX class, which was to say that about half the stations involved TRX. I’d forgotten how much I like a bit of that; it was hard work and enjoyable, and well-taught by the trainer, Marco. As far […]

A late entry for Saturday (we went out on Saturday night and I was too tired to get this post done). The day split up neatly, starting with Parkrun over in Rickmansworth. The aquadrome was really cold and icy, and numbers were really high – over 700 people finished the event. I didn’t get a […]

Friday: circuits, the same as on Monday. Challenge week with the folks at FFS. I pushed as hard as I could under the circumstances, and managed to get a little bit further than Monday (just over 7 times round the circuit this time). Turns out the whole period was captured pretty nicely through my heart […]

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