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Janathon day 31: a disparate community, a lunchtime run and a personal record

Wow, the final day 31 already – that went past like a rocket! A good, pointy, fast one, too. I came across it first through a community on Twitter; in participating, I’ve felt part of a group of similarly-minded people, manifested in a rather enjoyable on-line but disparate community. I still haven’t actually met any […]

Janathon day 30: the best made plans…

… crash and burn when life has other ideas. I was supposed to be doing another hot yoga session this morning. However, a rather late “tax return” session meant I would only manage 4 hours of sleep: forget it! With the rest of the day then full of work (productive, but fraught) and an evening with […]

Janathon day 29: plenty of variation!

Janathon was the easy bit today. A short run to/from outdoor circuits (1.49 miles in 12:36), and then our new phase of activity which is pretty cardio with sprinting, lunges against resistance, slow twitch/fast twitch and so on. Okay, it was a bit wet (read: rather miserable) and not wearing my waterproof trainers was a […]

Janathon day 28: how does everyone fit it all in?

Given that it isn’t possible to increase the number of hours in a day, I need to find new ways of fitting in the things that are important to me, and jettisoning the ones I can live without. Today I have been trying the first approach! The day started very early with a trip to […]

Janathon day 27: back on the job

With the concert, and snow, out of the way, it was back to something more normal today. After mile of hill running as a warm-up, Holger and I had an hour of pairs training, doing various combinations of weights and so on. Felt good to be doing some proper graft after all the not-really-quite-the-same work […]

Janathon day 26: marathon..!

Not that kind, though! Today has been dominated by a rehearsal and concert with my local orchestra, the Misbourne Symphony Orchestra in Amersham. With the recent snow, we had dropped a rehearsal so today has been quite tense and long, as we catch up. It all came off very well indeed, in the event. Adam […]

Janathon day 25: today’s recipe

Ingredients: lots of work, a planned run for lunchtime, a concert tomorrow, a more scary concert in April, a TRX suspension system and a gin and tonic. Take the planned lunchtime run and put it aside for future use, after a particularly complicated day at work Following an evening of “kid taxi service”, take flute […]

Janathon day 24: what I need

I am one tired Janathoner today, intent on getting to bed on time after yesterday’s late night: I need sleep! So, onto the facts. Tonight I did an hour of circuits: 45% triplanar barbell work, 45% kettlebells and 10% abs with planks, weighted V-sits etc. Hard work, and temperature control a problem, balancing snow against […]

Janathon day 23: this blows!

So, after a busy and snow-laden day, it had got to 11PM with no sign of exercise. I had been really hoping for a run, but the freezing ground with new snow fall was making me a bit nervous of taking a fall in my tiredness. There was a bigger hurdle, though – I also […]

Janathon day 22: short and sharp

I can’t spin much of a yarn around today’s Janathon effort, so won’t try! I managed an hour’s circuits in the snow in Hervines Park, and stuck with the 20Kg kettle bell … just. It has been a day of trials and tribulations – the cat wee-ed on the duvet, so it had to go […]

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