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Janathon day 31: all over, in more ways than one…

I am a broken man. The combination of minimal sleep over the last few days, plus yesterday’s upper-body workout, has left me absolutely shattered! You know that thing when you become run-down, and start getting colds, headaches, delirium etc? That. It’s not all bad, though: Boom! I got our tax returns out the door on […]

Janathon day 30: a pair of pairs…

Friday is pairs PT day. Last Friday wasn’t, though, due to illness, so in fact this week there has been a pair of pairs PT sessions. The first one, on Monday, concentrated on legs, so today was mainly working on the upper body. It was very hard! An hour of flies, bench presses, pulls, raises […]

Janathon day 29: getting there

I had to work at home today as we had so many shipments coming. Our oldest has a trip to Germany with his school tomorrow, with a “stupid o’clock” start time, so we needed to make sure everything could be signed for. With limited time, all I was able to fit in was an unexpected […]

Janathon day 28: saved by Wild Training

My plans are rather falling apart here as we near the end of Janathon, so thank goodness that Wild Training was scheduled in! A freezing cold one, it was, but enjoyable (even if I couldn’t feel my toes by the end). Music and exercise are coming together: there are now two other members of my […]

Janathon day 27: clinging on!

So many things to do by the end of the month! My main planned Janathon activity was to have been a yoga class, but circumstances didn’t turn out as expected, sadly, so I had to resort to a set of press-ups and some extra walking (just over 4.5 miles in the end). The biggest challenge […]

Janathon day 26: legs!

Result! My regular Friday morning pairs PT session was cancelled last week as the trainer was ill: we managed to reorganise it for this morning! This is therefore a “two sessions” week, so this morning we concentrated entirely on legs. Ouch! I’m now walking in to work … well, hobbling is probably a more accurate […]

Janathon day 25: payback

That’ll be payback for being out most of the day yesterday… There has been a lot of catching up today, very little of which counts as exercise. All I can really claim, and this will have to do, is about half an hour of yoga with Mrs H as she tried out her new class […]

Janathon day 24: concert

Today has basically been a music day. OK, this morning was spent briefly helping out Mrs H plan a yoga event by checking out some possible local venues, but once lunch was done, it has been rehearsals and concerts all the way. The concert was with the orchestra I play in, the Misbourne Symphony Orchestra. […]

Janathon day 23: shattered

The week has caught up with me: I’m completely exhausted. I was supposed to have done my regular Friday morning PT, and was up in time, but was very sorry to hear that our trainer was sick in the night (food poisoning, it seems), so the session was off. However, this did give me a […]

Janathon day 22: short and sharp

… and that’s the write-up, not just the exercise! With a parent’s evening and orchestra rehearsal after work, options were severely limited. Again I had to resort to some substantial walking (15,177 steps / 7.05 miles – which did include the odd run to the station etc). I also managed to bash out a final […]

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