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Janathon ’17 day 10 – yoga

My plans to do some weights failed due to lack of time. However an hour of yoga went down very well: back bends. Oh yeah.  I must have managed a fair few steps as well, but can’t actually come up with a number as my FitBit ran out of batteries. Oh no. I’m going to […]

Janathon ’17 day 9 – shoe leather, mainly

Busy day, short post. Ok, no weights or anything, but I did at least manage to get over 11,000 steps in through the day. I have higher hopes for tomorrow…

Janathon ’17 day 8 – heavy bits of metal

Back in Amersham after a weekend away, time was limited. So I went for the classic choice: about an hour of lifting heavy bits of metal. We’re talking squats, bench presses and bent-over rows – I’m roughly following the so-called StrongLifts 5×5, mainly as I’ve had decent success with it in the past.

Janathon ’17 day 7 – consistency is key

Family commitments have rather taken their toll on today. I’ve spent more than 3 hours driving, and eaten quite a lot of cake and lasagne, if that counts. In Janathon terms, all I can really claim is just over 9,000 steps plus a token 25 press-ups. That’s consistently something, right?

Janathon ’17 day 6 – lifting bits of metal

Time being at a premium, day 6 was sneakily squeezed in around other activities. The three main features were: 1) A walk to/from school, courtesy of a daughter who was up for an extra-early start  2) Quite a lot of walking during the day 3) An hour or so’s weights in the evening, before going […]

Janathon ’17 day 5 – they don’t call it a festival of activity and excuses for nothing!

With a busy work day on the cards and an outing in the evening (a very enjoyable birthday gathering, but I digress), I knew that there wouldn’t be much specific exercise going on. Therefore I had to depend on fitting in some general activity between other things, namely walking and running. The main run was […]

Janathon ’17 day 4 – one extreme to another

Most days, just the walks between home, station and office mean that I can manage 10,000 steps per day without especially trying. Today, though: no. Due to a child-related incident (of the kind where, unlike their older siblings, you take them to school and notice a distinct absence of other children), I found myself working […]

Janathon ’17 day 3 – yoga

To complement the previous day’s weights, day 3 featured an hour of yoga with Mrs H – a definite perk of being married to a yoga teacher! It was a fairly strong, mixed class, introducing some new back bends I haven’t tried before. It certainly felt good being back on the mat: as it turns out, yoga […]

Janathon ’17 day 2 – fast and heavy

The title refers to today’s two main activities. In the morning, Mrs H suggested we try out the Bodycoach Facebook Live HIIT session. 20 minutes, hard work! Recommended, we’ll be doing it again in 2 days… After that, my 15yo and I did a round of weights: squats, bench press and bent-over rows. It was […]

Janathon ’17 day 1 – just about…

Can’t believe it is 2017 already! Wow. And so another year of Janathon. Cool! Given that it’s been a pretty busy day (family visits etc), but to keep in the game, I’ve started off with a somewhat dismal 32 press-ups. Not great, but I’ve definitely done worse! Since this lacks photogenic appeal, instead I’ll post […]

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