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Janathon ’19 day 13: morning run

Excellent news! I ran just over 2 miles with Mrs H, and my foot didn’t hurt. That’s brilliant, as it means I can resume my running schedule, which is broadly working towards a (not-yet-selected) half-marathon. Note to self: don’t build too quickly. Other than that, it was back on the bed-making circus. This time it […]

Janathon ’19 day 12: weights

I’m feeling a lot better today, so thought I’d try out some weights. I went for a bit of a classic kind of programme: squats, bench press, bent-over row, tricep dips. I also finished off with some kettle bells (double-handed swings, and clean and presses). Doing this kind of workout always makes me feel better, […]

Janathon ’19 day 11: excuses!

Unfortunately I was still feeling a bit rubbish on Friday, and I decided to let discretion be the better part of valour and not do the swimming I had been planning. Having something bad happen in the water doesn’t sound too sensible. So apart from walking a few miles there really isn’t anything good to […]

Janathon ’19 day 10: token effort

So long, Thursday. My day was rather hindered by an annoying headache. I put it down to either dehydration or lack of sleep (both entirely possible given the last week). An early night was in order, and some pain killers. All I can really claim on the Janathon front, therefore, was walking about 5.5 miles […]

Janathon ’19 day 9: more yoga

With my foot not really playing ball yet, I was left with two main physical activities to perform today: Eating lots of really bad food Yoga As far as Janathon goes, I guess one out of two ain’t bad! I’m hoping tomorrow will feature less bad food and more physical activity; perhaps I’ll try another […]

Janathon ’19 day 8: yoga!

Today has mostly been a day of wincing when confronted by stairs. Yesterday’s weights has definitely taken its toll! Thankfully, I was down for yoga this evening. Mrs H has just started teaching at a new venue – the rather splendid dance studio at the Amersham School. So we lugged what felt like about a […]

Janathon ’19 day 7: weights (and a Souvenir Programme)

I’ve had a fairly long-standing arrangement with a friend to do weight training on a Monday evening. Today we got back “on plan” after a few weeks of disruption (not least because of my recent months of training for a run). It was hard after too long a break, but fun! Accompanied variously by a […]

Janathon ’19 day 6: putting up furniture

Everyone in my family, it seems, is demanding a new bed. Today was the day that two such demands were met. An Ikea trip yesterday meant we returned home with a “day bed” in the back of the car, but a bunk bed in the room it was meant for. So today I have: Taken […]

Janathon ’19 day 5: looking up

Today started pretty badly; nothing was really wrong, but I was feeling pretty low. First world problems really, though, as I am still healthy and have somewhere warm to live etc. My training is being a bit disrupted by having to give my foot a chance to recover (not really sure what’s up with it, […]

Janathon ’19 day 4: rest, mostly

Ok I did walk about 3 miles including commuting etc, but really it has been something of an enforced rest day. I seem to have hurt my foot running (this started mid December but has been getting worse), and I’ve also pulled something in my neck or shoulder. This put running, weights and swimming out […]

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