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Janathon ’20 day 25: rather eventful walking

Mrs H was in London today for a training course, so I went into Town with her and we had a good walk through Regent’s Park. Cutting to the chase, I have just hit 20,800 steps so with the round trip and some walking later I’ve done alright overall. Quite eventful it was, though – […]

Janathon ’20 day 24: excuses, mainly

Mrs H had a pretty full-on day yesterday, starting very early and requiring some careful planning. So circuits was out of the question, realistically. Then, after the day was over, I couldn’t really avoid my full Uber-Dad duties, ferrying children to/from Guides, jobs etc. Then I got sucked into helping my 16yo set up a […]

Janathon ’20 day 19: more circuits

We tried a local circuits class that was running this morning, at Fit Club Amersham. It was a TRX class, which was to say that about half the stations involved TRX. I’d forgotten how much I like a bit of that; it was hard work and enjoyable, and well-taught by the trainer, Marco. As far […]

Janathon ’20 day 18: Parkrun and a walk round Henley-on-Thames (plus an excuse)

A late entry for Saturday (we went out on Saturday night and I was too tired to get this post done). The day split up neatly, starting with Parkrun over in Rickmansworth. The aquadrome was really cold and icy, and numbers were really high – over 700 people finished the event. I didn’t get a […]

Janathon ’20 day 12: not lifting

I had hoped to fit in a bit of weights today, inspired by this picture of a massive crane lifting part of a new bridge at our local station in to place. However, it was not to be. Instead I have managed a round trip to near Cambridge, a load of website stuff for Mrs […]

Janathon ’20 day 11: Parkrun

Rickmansworth Parkrun was the host for Saturday’s Janathon activity. In fact, not just for me but also for the other 691 people who had the same idea. Wow! I took a selfie to try to give some idea of how big the crowd was, but it doesn’t really quite capture the scale. I had my […]

Janathon ’20 day 10: circuits (and a car)

Today’s physical activity – an hour of circuits – was all tied up by 7:30am. It was warm enough (certainly by the end!) and a good crowd was involved, so all told it was a fun session. It would have been even better if I’d actually managed to get in to bed at 10:30pm as […]

Janathon ’20 day 9: excuses and a joker

Today has been really busy, but not with exercise or other activity, much! (I’m guessing driving doesn’t count…) I had hoped to at least get a quick weight training session in, but a last-minute school parents evening put paid to that too. Oh well. So it is time to pull out joker number 1: 20 […]

Janathon ’20 day 7: two runs and yoga – a bit too much!

With the benefit of hindsight, I’ve probably over-done it a bit today! It all started at 6:40 this morning when my friend and I went out for a 4.25 mile run. (Actually it started a few hours before that – whenever I need to get up early, my body keeps thinking I’ve over-slept, and wakes […]

Janathon ’20 day 4: Ricky parkrun, and trip to Cliveden

Parkrun has become something of a regular outing. What they say on their blog is quite right: it’s a really inclusive kind of event, with all sorts of people doing it in their own way. (No Frosty the snowmen today, though – that I noticed, at least.) As I presume is usually the case at […]

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