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Finally! Oracle SQL Developer working on HiDPI linux

Not my usual subject on this blog, but I’m just SO EXCITED! For the last year or more I’ve been relying on a nasty hack to make SQL Developer bearable on a linux HiDPI display. With a few simple updates, I can now get something genuinely usable!! I’m using Ubuntu Artful (17.10), and all it […]

Shameless plug #2 – rebranding of Ellie Denman Yoga

In my capacity as part-time CIO of the HSL (Hodson Support Line), I occasionally involve myself in the running of websites around the family. One such website is that of Mrs H previously aka Yoga By Ellie, now known as Ellie Denman Yoga! We’ve bought her a new domain name (, and have moved the […]

Janathon ’17 day 10 – yoga

My plans to do some weights failed due to lack of time. However an hour of yoga went down very well: back bends. Oh yeah.  I must have managed a fair few steps as well, but can’t actually come up with a number as my FitBit ran out of batteries. Oh no. I’m going to […]

Juneathon day 5: “rest day”… (I wish)

We have three kids between 7 and 13, and they each do different activities on a Friday. It can get rather complicated! Despite not formally “doing some exercise” today, I’ve still managed to walk just under 13,000 steps / 6 miles (mostly dashing to swimming, or round the shops, or whatever). Then we had friends […]

Juneathon day 1: let’s do this thing!

It’s late, and I’ve an early start tomorrow, so let’s keep this quick! I managed a quick lunchtime run at work in Rickmansworth – not sure the distance of 3 miles on Strava is right, but hey! Then, this evening, I had an hour of Wild Training in Hervines Park, Amersham. Apparently, according to my FitBit, I’ve done […]

Janathon day 18: it took a computer to recognise my dilemma!

Or, more accurately, it took Google Play Music All Access, which I find myself listening to more and more these days. It has been day 2 of our penultimate “yoga weekend”, with Mrs H out since late morning on her course, and a rather full day for me and the kids in her absence. This […]

Bright front bike light for less than £3? Delighted!

I love a good torch! Always have, and probably always will. So when I first came across a particular type of small, bright, zoomable and extremely cheap LED torch on Amazon, I was very interested. They use a particular LED called a Cree Q5, which appears to be widely known, and are available from a […]

Juneathon day 5: you win some, you lose some

If you’d asked me an hour ago how today went, I’d be sounding pretty up-beat. Yes, the working day was mostly topped and tailed by school drop-off/pick-up, followed by some extensive juggling to make it to an early evening meeting at school to do with going up to senior school. But, after that, I had the chance to […]

Juneathon day 4: the best-laid schemes…

Mice weren’t to blame, but things didn’t quite go as expected today. @mindshoot Sorry…it's an automatic 20 press up fine for referring to #juneathon as #janathon — NMOAR (@notmucharunner) June 4, 2014 For starters, it was pointed out to me, quite correctly, and indeed picked up by Cathy, that I had described my last Juneathon […]

Juneathon day 2: DOMS, meet DOMS

There is no way that I’m going to be able to run every day during Juneathon, even though I would have loved to. If nothing else, the next few days will be tricky, as unfortunately Mrs H is away for the rest of the week, and child-related activity and work aren’t going to give me […]

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