Yesterday’s proposed early-morning run went ahead; my friend and I met up at 6:30am and headed off for a run. Long story short, we started a bit quicker than expected, such that timings meant we could just about hit 10K. So we did. In the end, Strava claims we managed 6.35 miles, at an average […]

I had intended to do circuits this morning. Events overtook me, though; my son needed a late lift back after a try-out for bar work at a local-ish pub, and that combined with some inevitable faffing around meant I was rather pushing it to manage a 6am start. Of course that created the perfect conditions […]

It was dry this morning, thankfully, so my friend and I headed out for a sneaky run. We ended up doing a slightly higher pace than expected, which felt like progress! We went just over 4 miles in the end. Then, after a day of work it was off to yoga for an hour of […]

Monday equals circuits, at 6:30am. Today was what’s known as “Challenge Week”. The good news: it is only half an hour. The bad news: the format is AMRAP (as many reps a possible) over that half-hour. Each round of the circuits was: Running 5 laps of a small course 20 press-ups 20 single-leg lunges 20 […]

I had hoped to fit in a bit of weights today, inspired by this picture of a massive crane lifting part of a new bridge at our local station in to place. However, it was not to be. Instead I have managed a round trip to near Cambridge, a load of website stuff for Mrs […]

Rickmansworth Parkrun was the host for Saturday’s Janathon activity. In fact, not just for me but also for the other 691 people who had the same idea. Wow! I took a selfie to try to give some idea of how big the crowd was, but it doesn’t really quite capture the scale. I had my […]

Today’s physical activity – an hour of circuits – was all tied up by 7:30am. It was warm enough (certainly by the end!) and a good crowd was involved, so all told it was a fun session. It would have been even better if I’d actually managed to get in to bed at 10:30pm as […]

Today has been really busy, but not with exercise or other activity, much! (I’m guessing driving doesn’t count…) I had hoped to at least get a quick weight training session in, but a last-minute school parents evening put paid to that too. Oh well. So it is time to pull out joker number 1: 20 […]

Boo, work meetings all day today. Between about 10 and 5 I basically sat at a table talking. Thank goodness, therefore, that I was able to use this rather dry meat as the filling for a tasty circuit/yoga sandwich! Mmm-mmm. Circuits was a balmy 8C outing at 6:30am, with an hour of running around and […]

With the benefit of hindsight, I’ve probably over-done it a bit today! It all started at 6:40 this morning when my friend and I went out for a 4.25 mile run. (Actually it started a few hours before that – whenever I need to get up early, my body keeps thinking I’ve over-slept, and wakes […]

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A haphazard mix-up of exercise, music, technology and family

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