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Juneathon ’18 day 30 – finished!

Am I talking about Juneathon or my training this morning? Both, it turns out! But before I go into that, first here’s a quick overview. Strava tells me I’ve run 26.1 miles this month, cycled 16.6 miles and swum a bit over one. There’s also been a fair number of yoga classes, weights sessions and […]

Juneathon day 4: a bit extreme!

I usually have a pairs PT session on a Friday morning, however this week we had to bump it to Thursday – today. With the weather being so utterly beautiful, we decided to cycle the 6-ish miles to Deep Mill where we train, which was a delight. Once we got there, we had a pretty […]

Janathon day 30: a pair of pairs…

Friday is pairs PT day. Last Friday wasn’t, though, due to illness, so in fact this week there has been a pair of pairs PT sessions. The first one, on Monday, concentrated on legs, so today was mainly working on the upper body. It was very hard! An hour of flies, bench presses, pulls, raises […]

Janathon day 21: chilling in the park

Very busy, so keeping this brief! After much juggling (hockey lifts, Mrs H on circuits etc), I managed to just have time to run to Wild Training at a nippy Hervines Park, do the set there (resistance bands in all sorts of awful ways) then run back. Final score: 13,814 steps/6.5 miles over the day […]

Janathon day 19: stepping it back up a bit

That’s more like it! Today I managed: An hour’s Wild Training, using resistance bands for squatting, lunges, rowing and pressing, finishing with an awful abs workout with Russian twists etc. I doubled up on bands, too, so this was quite a challenging session, for sure A run to/from that session (probably no more than 2 […]

Janathon day 10: that sandwich, finally

It wasn’t what I’d planned, but nonetheless today has been a good day. First, I hadn’t expected to make it to Wild Training this morning, as Mrs H had designs on a yoga class. However, she very kindly let me go anyway, so I had an hour of “kettlebell challenge”. For further details on what […]

Janathon day 29: lovely way to start the day

I confess that, not being able to run, Janathon has turned out rather different from what I had hoped. My ideal outcome was to have run every day and boosted my stamina and range well beyond current levels; that’s not how it’s worked out at all. I’ve therefore had to console myself, largely, with lots […]

Janathon day 23: Tabata (again, again)

Today resembled yesterday in lots of ways, except that instead of kids having piano, I had orchestra. So – for the third time in three days – I found myself in Hervines Park doing Tabata squats and lunges, with work on the Bulgarian Bags as well. By this point, as you can imagine, my back-side […]

Janathon day 22: Tabata (again)

I’m glad that not every week is as busy as this one. I’ve managed the activities, just about, but getting them up on the blog has been a bit harder! Wednesday is piano day for our two oldest kids, and we have devised a cunning “tag parenting” approach to deal with it. This involves one […]

Janathon day 21: Wild Training, plus a bit

Today has been characteristically busy. Despite this, though, this evening I was booked onto our Wild Training class at 7:30. We’re still doing lots of Tabata training, and since I’m not running, I found myself doing walking lunges with a 12Kg Bulgarian Bag thrown over my shoulders in the Tabata style. My glutes are now […]

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