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Janathon ’20 day 22: misquoting Violent Femmes

You might argue – third verse day, same as the first… Today was awfully similar to day 1 this week, with circuits in the morning and yoga in the evening. Why change something that isn’t broken, I say. There – that definitely proves my love!

Janathon ’20 day 20: top-and-tail sandwich

A couple of traditional hearties today. First off, an early start for circuits at 6:30am. It was freezing – pleasantly so, in fact, it being pretty dry so rather enjoyable to be out in, with the crunching under foot as we went about our exercises! I was concerned I was under-dressed, with just a long-sleeve […]

Janathon ’20 day 19: more circuits

We tried a local circuits class that was running this morning, at Fit Club Amersham. It was a TRX class, which was to say that about half the stations involved TRX. I’d forgotten how much I like a bit of that; it was hard work and enjoyable, and well-taught by the trainer, Marco. As far […]

Janathon ’20 day 17: all over by about 7:15am

Friday: circuits, the same as on Monday. Challenge week with the folks at FFS. I pushed as hard as I could under the circumstances, and managed to get a little bit further than Monday (just over 7 times round the circuit this time). Turns out the whole period was captured pretty nicely through my heart […]

Janathon ’20 day 13: circuits and lifting stuff

Monday equals circuits, at 6:30am. Today was what’s known as “Challenge Week”. The good news: it is only half an hour. The bad news: the format is AMRAP (as many reps a possible) over that half-hour. Each round of the circuits was: Running 5 laps of a small course 20 press-ups 20 single-leg lunges 20 […]

Janathon ’20 day 10: circuits (and a car)

Today’s physical activity – an hour of circuits – was all tied up by 7:30am. It was warm enough (certainly by the end!) and a good crowd was involved, so all told it was a fun session. It would have been even better if I’d actually managed to get in to bed at 10:30pm as […]

Janathon ’20 day 8: circuit/yoga sandwich

Boo, work meetings all day today. Between about 10 and 5 I basically sat at a table talking. Thank goodness, therefore, that I was able to use this rather dry meat as the filling for a tasty circuit/yoga sandwich! Mmm-mmm. Circuits was a balmy 8C outing at 6:30am, with an hour of running around and […]

Janathon ’20 day 6: circuits

That was it, really: an hour’s circuits class this morning at 6:30am. Numbers are moving up a bit now that the year is getting going, which makes it a bit more fun. Today was a good mix of running, strength and core. Overall I seem to have managed 12,000 steps so that’s all good. I […]

Janathon ’20 day 3: morning circuits

I’m just putting this out there now since, based on the way I’m feeling, there’s not much else I’ll be doing! There is a local outdoor training bootcamp-type group I train with during the week. It is called FFS – standing for Faster, Fitter, Stronger, of course! Given the normal weekly business associated with having […]

Juneathon ’18 day 30 – finished!

Am I talking about Juneathon or my training this morning? Both, it turns out! But before I go into that, first here’s a quick overview. Strava tells me I’ve run 26.1 miles this month, cycled 16.6 miles and swum a bit over one. There’s also been a fair number of yoga classes, weights sessions and […]

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