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Juneathon ’18 day 3 – Blenheim Triathlon

My friend Sarah and I did a sprint triathlon at Blenheim today, with some family and friends there to support us. Sitting here now in the cool writing this post, the main word in my mind is “hot”. It was absolutely scorching! I haven’t checked the detailed timings yet, but the text message from the […]

Juneathon ’18 day 2 – tapering

Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Sunday is my triathlon at Blenheim, and I thought it would be daft to try to do too much. So instead I’ve been rushing around getting ready, managing about 10K steps. I did, however, have a quick outing on the bike: my 10yo was DESPERATE to have a […]

Janathon ’16 day 31: game over!

Last day, woo hoo! Janathon has actually been very helpful for me this year. I’ve really enjoyed following a number of my fellow Janathoners’ blogs through the month, and have also done better on the exercise front than I would otherwise have done, of that I’m sure. In addition, though, it has kicked off the […]

Janathon ’16 day 24: rather over-the-top

My cycling club, the ARCC, has outings on Sunday mornings. I don’t manage many of them due to family commitments – rides knock out half the day, typically, and that’s quite a big “ask” for Mrs H. However I do go out periodically, and with dry weather forecast, this was my day. I chose well, […]

Juneathon day 14: Windsor triathlon

The big day arrived! After a hideously early start (setting off at 5:15), and heavy triathlon traffic at the other end, we were there and ready to go. Time was a bit short, so it wasn’t all that long before Karen was jumping in the Thames to get the ball rolling. Once she had set […]

Juneathon day 7: bike!

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted an introductory ride with the Amersham Road Cycling Club. Unfortunately, my plans were thwarted very early, when about 10 minutes in to the ride my chain snapped spectacularly, knocking out my rear gears. Today I managed my first proper ride, though, and it was really good fun! We […]

Juneathon day 4: a bit extreme!

I usually have a pairs PT session on a Friday morning, however this week we had to bump it to Thursday – today. With the weather being so utterly beautiful, we decided to cycle the 6-ish miles to Deep Mill where we train, which was a delight. Once we got there, we had a pretty […]

Janathon day 1: starting 2015 with a bracing group bike ride

Hello, fellow Janathoners, and welcome to 2015. May it be a great year for all of you! Ok – now to business. Uncharacteristically, day 1 was done and dusted well before lunchtime. A fellow Wild Training friend of mine had suggested a New Year’s Day bike ride, and the hearty response and subsequent planning meant […]

Bright front bike light for less than £3? Delighted!

I love a good torch! Always have, and probably always will. So when I first came across a particular type of small, bright, zoomable and extremely cheap LED torch on Amazon, I was very interested. They use a particular LED called a Cree Q5, which appears to be widely known, and are available from a […]

Juneathon day 8: an oasis in the desert (and a fun party)

Okay, it’s late and we have an early start in the morning, so let’s hit hard and fast! Saturday, with an action-packed oasis of activity in the desert of calf woes: I salute you! The day started well, with a Wild Training session. That was an hour of tabata, alternating between rip training and various […]

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