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Janathon day 30: ankle exercises – please get better for running, ankle

Right, that didn’t quite go to plan. I had been down for Wild Training, but circumstances changed so Mrs H went instead. Without being able to run, I mainly walked quite a lot to keep my FitBit happy (11,487 steps / 5.28 miles), and did the exercises I’ve been prescribed to get my ankle back […]

Janathon day 29: lovely way to start the day

I confess that, not being able to run, Janathon has turned out rather different from what I had hoped. My ideal outcome was to have run every day and boosted my stamina and range well beyond current levels; that’s not how it’s worked out at all. I’ve therefore had to console myself, largely, with lots […]

Janathon days 25-28: mixed bag, and trip to the physio

After the success of Friday’s pairs PT session, the weekend was a bit of a come-down. Saturday saw me taking the highly unusual step of having to go to bed for a few hours in the afternoon, and Sunday was equally quiet. I think I must have been going down with something last week, which […]

Janathon day 24: PT pairs

Friday is PT day. My PT partner has just seen a physio who said he can’t run or do lunges or squats for 6 weeks, so we were on a strict upper-body regime today. After yesterday’s final nail in the squatting coffin, I wasn’t going to argue! As ever, Darrell our trainer found a way […]

Janathon day 15: Tabata

So running is still off the cards. The substitute for that activity at tonight’s training was therefore squats and lunges, again. That gave me about 120 squats, and 90 lunges each on my left and right legs. Having done this twice during the week, my legs are really quite achy; I am consoling myself with […]

Janathon day 12: getting better at press-ups!

Another day off the running; thought I would up the number of press-ups instead. Today I managed 40 of them, in 2 sets of 20. Pretty happy with that!! Let’s hope next week is calmer and less injury-laden than this one!!

Janathon day 11: continuing to tread water

I really hate being injured! My ankle is making a – literally – painfully slow recovery. In the meantime, I’m having to think of alternatives. Today was 20 press-ups, but if anyone has any suggestions for 12th onwards, I’d love to hear them! The last few days have been pretty mad, what with our brilliant […]

Janathon day 9: what a plank… Plus – green smoothies

Something I’ve done over the last few days has made my left leg hurt, so running is off the cards for a few days to give it a chance to recover. What with today being so busy, and my orchestra rehearsal this evening (I play flute, and we have a next weekend), I haven’t had […]

Juneathon day 3: evening run in Chalfont St Peter

I look forward to Monday evenings. The two older kids have piano lessons; dropping them off gives me an hour that can’t realistically be used for anything useful but … running. Ok, I could perhaps bring a bike, but even the pool round the corner is shut, so a jaunt round Chalfont St Peter, in […]

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