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Janathon ’16 day 21: Metafit, and …

A lunch outing saw me slink off again to Bodycoach for a quick Metafit session. It was pretty tough today! Each set was as follows: 4 different exercises were chosen We did all 4, for 30 seconds each, with 15 seconds gap Then we did all 4, for 25 seconds each, with 10 seconds gap […]

Janathon ’16 day 19: mixing it

Annoyingly, I seem to have developed some heel pain on my left foot. I’m not sure if it is just a bruise or something more serious, but it does rather limit my running options. However two of my other regular activities seem unaffected, and I managed both of them today. Yay! At lunch I snuck […]

Janathon ’16 day 17/18: oh, the glamour

Sunday was a catastrophic fail. We were out a fair chunk of the day, and I wanted to get an early night to get my mood and eating back on top. So “rest day” it was – but the night certainly wasn’t! Our burglar alarm took the opportunity to develop a fault and go off […]

Janathon ’16 day 12: closer to plans

While it could have so easily gone the same way as Monday, this day went much better! Metafit worked out well, and I even managed to top it off with some upper-body exercises afterwards. Then, in the evening I had a really enjoyable hour of yoga with YogaByEllie – just what was required after all […]

Janathon ’16 day 5: metafit and yoga

Another day, another Metafit class in Rickmansworth at lunch. For some reason, this one was heaving; before today, the largest class I have attended stood at about 5 people ish, but today there were a full 10 of us. The weather was good, the exercise gruelling but only about 30 minutes, so all told it […]

Janathon ’16 day 4: metafit

Running was out today. But, metafit was back on the normal timetable at the Bodycoach gym in Rickmansworth, and a plan was forming. A quick lunch outing and I was in. The metafit format is appealing: a 30 minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) programme, timed precisely with a recording to guide you through the programme. […]

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