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Janathon ’19 day 7: weights (and a Souvenir Programme)

I’ve had a fairly long-standing arrangement with a friend to do weight training on a Monday evening. Today we got back “on plan” after a few weeks of disruption (not least because of my recent months of training for a run). It was hard after too long a break, but fun! Accompanied variously by a […]

Janathon day 18: it took a computer to recognise my dilemma!

Or, more accurately, it took Google Play Music All Access, which I find myself listening to more and more these days. It has been day 2 of our penultimate “yoga weekend”, with Mrs H out since late morning on her course, and a rather full day for me and the kids in her absence. This […]

Janathon day 18: musical ordeal!

Two events coincided today: Mrs H was in London all day for her yoga teacher training; and I had rehearsals all afternoon for my Misbourne Symphony Orchestra concert, and then the concert itself in the evening. With three kids to deal with, it was always going to be a busy sort of day! My kids […]

Playlists and shuffling with Google Play Music

I am continuing to love Google Play Music, and find myself using it alongside Spotify on my phone in equal measures. I have now uploaded all my purchased music to the Google servers, so can listen to everything at very high quality wherever I am. How technology has come along in the last decade! In […]

Google Play Music: goodbye shuffle, hello Instant Mix!

I just love it when technology comes up with something that genuinely surprises me! I had this the other day when I was trying out Google’s cloud music player on my new Nexus 4. Listening to music has typically involved either setting up a manual playlist or randomly shuffling through something you or someone else […]

Janathon day 25: today’s recipe

Ingredients: lots of work, a planned run for lunchtime, a concert tomorrow, a more scary concert in April, a TRX suspension system and a gin and tonic. Take the planned lunchtime run and put it aside for future use, after a particularly complicated day at work Following an evening of “kid taxi service”, take flute […]

Janathon day 23: this blows!

So, after a busy and snow-laden day, it had got to 11PM with no sign of exercise. I had been really hoping for a run, but the freezing ground with new snow fall was making me a bit nervous of taking a fall in my tiredness. There was a bigger hurdle, though – I also […]

Janathon day 14: circuits in the snow; playlists and Spotify

Today’s Janathon contribution took the form of a circuits class this evening at Hervines Park in Amersham. It was cold and extremely vigorous, involving kettle bells and barbells, with various combinations of lunges, swings and the like. As usual, there was a good selection of cheery people there to make the whole experience more enjoyable, […]

Janathon day 10: easy run in Rickmansworth aquadrome

Thursday evening is orchestra practice for me – I play flute in a local orchestra, the Misbourne Symphony Orchestra. (We have a concert soon, that you might like to come along to!) So doing exercise this evening just isn’t going to happen. Instead, I thought I would slip in a quick run at lunchtime. What […]

Janathon day 1: New year resolutions and Janathon; and Spractice!

I have a few New Year’s resolutions in mind, and they’re about to collide. This is going to be quick! First, I have decided to try to get into bed by midnight if I’m home, which I am. That gives me 11 minutes! Second, I thought I would have a go at Janathon this year. […]

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