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Janathon day 28: saved by Wild Training

My plans are rather falling apart here as we near the end of Janathon, so thank goodness that Wild Training was scheduled in! A freezing cold one, it was, but enjoyable (even if I couldn’t feel my toes by the end). Music and exercise are coming together: there are now two other members of my […]

Janathon day 24: concert

Today has basically been a music day. OK, this morning was spent briefly helping out Mrs H plan a yoga event by checking out some possible local venues, but once lunch was done, it has been rehearsals and concerts all the way. The concert was with the orchestra I play in, the Misbourne Symphony Orchestra. […]

Janathon day 18: it took a computer to recognise my dilemma!

Or, more accurately, it took Google Play Music All Access, which I find myself listening to more and more these days. It has been day 2 of our penultimate “yoga weekend”, with Mrs H out since late morning on her course, and a rather full day for me and the kids in her absence. This […]

Janathon day 15: emergency press-ups and a plank

Given last night’s horribly short sleep, today has actually been alright, albeit a bit busy. I basically haven’t stopped between 6:50 when I got up and now, so wasn’t able to fit much in. On the plus side, orchestra was fun this evening. We have a concert next weekend with the Misbourne Symphony Orchestra in […]

Janathon day 23: Tabata (again, again)

Today resembled yesterday in lots of ways, except that instead of kids having piano, I had orchestra. So – for the third time in three days – I found myself in Hervines Park doing Tabata squats and lunges, with work on the Bulgarian Bags as well. By this point, as you can imagine, my back-side […]

Janathon day 18: musical ordeal!

Two events coincided today: Mrs H was in London all day for her yoga teacher training; and I had rehearsals all afternoon for my Misbourne Symphony Orchestra concert, and then the concert itself in the evening. With three kids to deal with, it was always going to be a busy sort of day! My kids […]

Janathon day 9: what a plank… Plus – green smoothies

Something I’ve done over the last few days has made my left leg hurt, so running is off the cards for a few days to give it a chance to recover. What with today being so busy, and my orchestra rehearsal this evening (I play flute, and we have a next weekend), I haven’t had […]

Juneathon day 6: calf-friendly activity and low carb eating. Help!

Written around lunchtime: Thursday is orchestra evening – the Misbourne Symphony Orchestra, rehearsing in Amersham. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for exercise, so I thought I’d fit in a walk at lunch, as a calf-recovery-friendly option. I had a very pleasant wonder around Rickmansworth, managing 3.18 miles in just over an hour. What […]

Blog catch-up: flute concerto, 10k, lots of work

As I was writing my Juneathon kick-off post, I couldn’t help but notice a distinct lack of “blog love” since about March, so this is a very quick catch-up! It has been very eventful. Here’s a potted summary of the most interesting bits… On April 27th I performed Godard’s “Suite de Trois Morceaux” on my […]

Janathon day 26: marathon..!

Not that kind, though! Today has been dominated by a rehearsal and concert with my local orchestra, the Misbourne Symphony Orchestra in Amersham. With the recent snow, we had dropped a rehearsal so today has been quite tense and long, as we catch up. It all came off very well indeed, in the event. Adam […]

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