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Janathon ’19 day 10: token effort

So long, Thursday. My day was rather hindered by an annoying headache. I put it down to either dehydration or lack of sleep (both entirely possible given the last week). An early night was in order, and some pain killers. All I can really claim on the Janathon front, therefore, was walking about 5.5 miles […]

Juneathon ’18 day 28 – barely

Clinging in there for the last few days. There was too much going on with commute and family to manage much: all I can claim is to have managed about 7,000 steps and an emergency 35 press-ups to get me through. Hopefully Friday will be better!

Juneathon ’18 day 24 – ordeal

Training this evening was rather knocked out by finally getting round to booking our summer holidays. I’m now feeling a great deal poorer than I was earlier, but rather less anxious on the subject! So while proper training didn’t happen, I did at least manage about 10,000 steps, partly walking round the park in Marlow. […]

Juneathon ’18 day 14 – slightly token effort

Thursdays can be tricky! My day was knocked out by a work trip into London (at the Hurlingham Club no less, don’t you know!), and then the evening was swamped by brownie trips and then orchestra. After at least two “minimalist” nights of sleep, I just needed to get to bed! And so it was […]

Juneathon ’18 day 9 – woeful wifi

Last night it was pointed out by my kids that our wifi had gone wonky. Obviously this is a catastrophe, and so it was that I ended up dealing with family IT support woes until about 1:30AM trying to make it work. I then resumed it this morning (after an early start / Tesco visit), […]

Janathon ’17 day 7 – consistency is key

Family commitments have rather taken their toll on today. I’ve spent more than 3 hours driving, and eaten quite a lot of cake and lasagne, if that counts. In Janathon terms, all I can really claim is just over 9,000 steps plus a token 25 press-ups. That’s consistently something, right?

Janathon ’17 day 1 – just about…

Can’t believe it is 2017 already! Wow. And so another year of Janathon. Cool! Given that it’s been a pretty busy day (family visits etc), but to keep in the game, I’ve started off with a somewhat dismal 32 press-ups. Not great, but I’ve definitely done worse! Since this lacks photogenic appeal, instead I’ll post […]

Janathon ’16 day 14: usurped

Another day of things being kicked into touch by other things… A lunchtime Metafit was out of the question as work is rather mental at the moment. Then my plans for an evening run were also knocked out getting my 12yo packed for Guide camp on Friday. All I can really claim, therefore, is to […]

Janathon ’16 day 11: bother!

So I hauled my gym kit in to work in preparation for Metafit at lunch – as well as a big bag of books for the charity shop. But life had other plans, it turns out; some work stuff came up, and next thing I knew, I had completely missed the class. Something similar happened […]

Juneathon day 18/19: excuses!

Not much to say. The last few days have been a general wash-out, given the health events that have overtaken the family. I’ve managed a token plank (day 18) and some press-ups (day 19) to just about meet the spirit of Juneathon. It has been completely right to prioritise health above exercise, though, so I […]

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