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Janathon ’16 day 15/16: lifting

But not the kind of lifting I ought to have been doing, mostly. Friday started alright with pairs PT activity – boxing training followed by quite a lot of assorted weights, which I enjoyed. Overall I did just over 12,000 steps too. It all went a bit downhill from there, though… It has been a […]

Janathon ’16 day 8: pairs PT

Today has been extremely busy. Which is a good thing; I tend to work at my best when there’s lots going on and the pressure is mounting. While it didn’t leave time for any training at lunchtime, luckily it is Friday – pairs PT day! So in fact my main activities were out of the way by […]

Juneathon day 12: attacking the hill fort

Friday is pairs PT day, which conveniently ticked off my Juneathon requirements by 8:05 this morning, featuring some pretty comprehensive arm work, mainly. After that, I hared it back to our place and got changed, then we took the kids to school and went over to … Danesfield House, local spa venue as featured in […]

Janathon day 16: looking in the mirror…

It’s 7:30 on Friday morning, it’s … pairs PT time! Woo, yeah. Today, upper-body strength was the name of the game, with all manner of bench presses, dips, curls and what have you! There was some excellent shoulder work too, with weighted flies in different directions. An hour of that was a most invigorating start […]

Juneathon day 13: pairs PT

Another busy day at work, so thank goodness for my regular Friday morning pairs PT session with Holger. Knowing that I had Wolf Run tomorrow, I asked that we didn’t do anything that would scupper me too badly. Somehow, therefore, we ended up doing Tabata battle ropes, Bulgarian bags, burpee variations and other hideous exercises. […]

Juneathon day 2: DOMS, meet DOMS

There is no way that I’m going to be able to run every day during Juneathon, even though I would have loved to. If nothing else, the next few days will be tricky, as unfortunately Mrs H is away for the rest of the week, and child-related activity and work aren’t going to give me […]

Janathon day 31: all over; thanks, Cathy!

Today’s effort comprises: 1) My usual Friday pairs PT session this morning, which again featured mainly upper-body exercise, with much weights 2) Quite a lot of walking – I’m heading to the O2 Arena later to watch my 10yo sing in Young Voices… For me, Janathon finished about 3 weeks ago when my ankle packed […]

Janathon day 24: PT pairs

Friday is PT day. My PT partner has just seen a physio who said he can’t run or do lunges or squats for 6 weeks, so we were on a strict upper-body regime today. After yesterday’s final nail in the squatting coffin, I wasn’t going to argue! As ever, Darrell our trainer found a way […]

Janathon day 17: pairs PT session

I always look forward to Fridays, and my regular PT session with my friend Holger. Today was no exception – although, if I had known in advance how hard a session it was going to be, I might have felt differently! It was quite a simple session, but hideously cardiovascular… The main features were a […]

Juneathon day 21: pairs PT – man cave session, hardest yet

I don’t know when we first started referring to our pairs PT sessions as going into the “man cave”, but the name has certainly stuck. I received a suitable placard for Fathers Day; at this morning’s weekly PT session, we hung it on the door of the gym room, just in case anyone wasn’t clear […]

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