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Janathon ’19 day 3: cross country

A lunchtime run was my poison of choice today. Working in Rickmansworth which is blessed with a splendid aquadrome and canal, this seemed like the ideal option. I couldn’t decide on a route so basically “winged it”, just setting off to see where I ended up. It was cold but pretty, and my eventual route […]

Janathon ’16 day 22: lunchtime work-out

Friday, but not like normal Fridays… I would usually have a “pairs PT” session in the morning, but our trainer was tied up with some kind of franchise meeting so we had to reschedule. Instead, I took my gym stuff into work with fingers crossed. All went to plan, and I managed a work-out at […]

Janathon ’16 day 6: triple play

That was fun! But time is short, so here’s the potted summary: No Metafit again, so I thought I’d have a run round the aquadrome in Rickmansworth, which was about 3.3 miles apparently. Then I did a bit more weights stuff after I’d cleaned all the mud off… Finally, it was yoga again this evening! […]

Janathon ’16 day 5: metafit and yoga

Another day, another Metafit class in Rickmansworth at lunch. For some reason, this one was heaving; before today, the largest class I have attended stood at about 5 people ish, but today there were a full 10 of us. The weather was good, the exercise gruelling but only about 30 minutes, so all told it […]

Janathon ’16 day 4: metafit

Running was out today. But, metafit was back on the normal timetable at the Bodycoach gym in Rickmansworth, and a plan was forming. A quick lunch outing and I was in. The metafit format is appealing: a 30 minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) programme, timed precisely with a recording to guide you through the programme. […]

Juneathon day 8: keeping it simple

Still tired from yesterday, and busy at work: what to do? Well, today, I kept it simple: a quick run around Ricky. Apparently it was 3.3 miles, and I wasn’t going fast since I’m trying to prepare for 10K on Sunday and will need to be gentle! Next stop, sleep…

Juneathon day 4: a bit extreme!

I usually have a pairs PT session on a Friday morning, however this week we had to bump it to Thursday – today. With the weather being so utterly beautiful, we decided to cycle the 6-ish miles to Deep Mill where we train, which was a delight. Once we got there, we had a pretty […]

Juneathon day 1: let’s do this thing!

It’s late, and I’ve an early start tomorrow, so let’s keep this quick! I managed a quick lunchtime run at work in Rickmansworth – not sure the distance of 3 miles on Strava is right, but hey! Then, this evening, I had an hour of Wild Training in Hervines Park, Amersham. Apparently, according to my FitBit, I’ve done […]

Janathon day 5: finally – some running!

It’s been a busy day, and hasn’t finished yet, so I’ll keep this brief (ish). Today has been a two-pronged effort, starting off with a quick and sneaky lunchtime run round Rickmansworth. That was nice! It was cold but not excessively so, and muddy but not unpleasantly much: I went up next to the river […]

Juneathon day 17: long walk

Rest days are on my mind. I noticed chat about this in some of the other Juneathon blogs I follow, and feel similarly, that it is important to incorporate some level of rest into the week. So I had a very pleasant stroll round the canals of Rickmansworth over lunch, getting quite a few miles […]

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