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Janathon ’20 day 23: lunch run, thank you Janathon!

I managed to fit in a sneaky 10K run this lunchtime, round Rickmansworth. Pretty muddy, hillier than I remembered, and worst of all – too much of a queue in the coffee shop when I got back. Boo! This month has actually gone pretty well, it seems: so far in January I’ve run 45.4 miles, […]

Janathon ’20 day 21: running and yoga

As it turns out, the last couple of days of circuits have left my legs feeling pretty broken! That’ll be all the squats, burpies, lunges and so on. However, having the idea in mind of doing a half marathon in a few months, I found myself thinking I ought to get some miles in the […]

Janathon ’20 day 16: this was harder than your usual effort

Yesterday’s proposed early-morning run went ahead; my friend and I met up at 6:30am and headed off for a run. Long story short, we started a bit quicker than expected, such that timings meant we could just about hit 10K. So we did. In the end, Strava claims we managed 6.35 miles, at an average […]

Janathon’20 day 14: running and yoga

It was dry this morning, thankfully, so my friend and I headed out for a sneaky run. We ended up doing a slightly higher pace than expected, which felt like progress! We went just over 4 miles in the end. Then, after a day of work it was off to yoga for an hour of […]

Janathon ’20 day 7: two runs and yoga – a bit too much!

With the benefit of hindsight, I’ve probably over-done it a bit today! It all started at 6:40 this morning when my friend and I went out for a 4.25 mile run. (Actually it started a few hours before that – whenever I need to get up early, my body keeps thinking I’ve over-slept, and wakes […]

Janathon ’20 day 5: walk and run, with a bit of flute thrown in for “X effect”!

Today we went up to near Cambridge to visit my parents-in-law. My MIL has been rather unwell, but thankfully is making an astonishing recovery after a rather up-and-down period over Christmas. When we said we were heading up, the instruction was received to bring my flute, and who am I to argue! As if any […]

Janathon ’20 day 4: Ricky parkrun, and trip to Cliveden

Parkrun has become something of a regular outing. What they say on their blog is quite right: it’s a really inclusive kind of event, with all sorts of people doing it in their own way. (No Frosty the snowmen today, though – that I noticed, at least.) As I presume is usually the case at […]

Janathon ’20 day 2: trying to keep up

Today’s main activity was a run. My friend had been feeling a bit guilty about not doing Parkrun yesterday, so suggested a quick outing this morning. This seemed like an excellent idea when he suggested it, and so we agreed to meet up at 8:30 for a run round Amersham. This morning it didn’t seem […]

Janathon ’19 day 13: morning run

Excellent news! I ran just over 2 miles with Mrs H, and my foot didn’t hurt. That’s brilliant, as it means I can resume my running schedule, which is broadly working towards a (not-yet-selected) half-marathon. Note to self: don’t build too quickly. Other than that, it was back on the bed-making circus. This time it […]

Janathon ’19 day 6: putting up furniture

Everyone in my family, it seems, is demanding a new bed. Today was the day that two such demands were met. An Ikea trip yesterday meant we returned home with a “day bed” in the back of the car, but a bunk bed in the room it was meant for. So today I have: Taken […]

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