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Janathon ’19 day 13: morning run

Excellent news! I ran just over 2 miles with Mrs H, and my foot didn’t hurt. That’s brilliant, as it means I can resume my running schedule, which is broadly working towards a (not-yet-selected) half-marathon. Note to self: don’t build too quickly. Other than that, it was back on the bed-making circus. This time it […]

Janathon ’19 day 6: putting up furniture

Everyone in my family, it seems, is demanding a new bed. Today was the day that two such demands were met. An Ikea trip yesterday meant we returned home with a “day bed” in the back of the car, but a bunk bed in the room it was meant for. So today I have: Taken […]

Janathon ’19 day 3: cross country

A lunchtime run was my poison of choice today. Working in Rickmansworth which is blessed with a splendid aquadrome and canal, this seemed like the ideal option. I couldn’t decide on a route so basically “winged it”, just setting off to see where I ended up. It was cold but pretty, and my eventual route […]

Janathon ’19 day 2: more running (and yoga)

I was back at work today, but the kids were still on their last stand before school. So an early run seemed like the thing! Today was a slightly hillier version of yesterday’s run, about 2.3 miles with a small hill. Again, it was lovely to be out in the countryside, and I found my […]

Janathon ’19 day 1: easy run

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be back here this year, but looks like I am! The last couple of months have been pretty active as I was training for a 10 mile run on Sunday. That went well-ish, and now I’m keen to keep up the momentum. I was going to go […]

Juneathon ’18 day 20 – run and yoga

I was out all day in work meetings. That’s not especially conducive to training, it turns out. However, when I got home Ellie suggested a run, and who am I to disagree! So out we headed, this time for a route of about 2.2 miles, at an average 9:45/mile pace. Very hot it was, but […]

Juneathon ’18 day 18 – less is more

I’m noticing a pattern emerging. Ellie is keen to up her running levels, and likes a little 2-mile-ish loop we’ve got going down in the Old Town. So, if she’s up for a run, that’s been proving a pretty solid Juneathon entry. Did the trick today, that’s for sure. One unexpected side-effect of this has […]

Juneathon ’18 day 15 – double run

So yesterday I had to resort to token press-ups, while today I manage two separate runs! I wasn’t sure how the day was going to pan out, and so grabbed the opportunity to head out for a quick run in the morning. It was quite hilly in the end, going for a circuit including Amersham […]

Juneathon ’18 day 13 – early outing

I don’t remember quite how the idea of a morning run came up, but I’m glad it did. After the kids were on their way to school, Ellie and I headed out for a quick run outing in the Old Town. It was pretty warm, and the second half was distinctly faster than the first; […]

Juneathon ’18 day 10 – Amersham run

We were invited to a rather splendid barbecue today. I ate more than was probably good for me, and it was all delicious. The hosts and guests were all good company too, making it a very enjoyable day overall. After heaving ourselves into the car and getting home, Junethon was weighing heavily on my mind […]

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