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Juneathon ’18 day 25 – driving, plus…

Driving is something I’ve done a lot of today. My son started two weeks of work experience today, based in Theale. Guess who has to get him there and back from Amersham? That’s right. Then, while he was there, I was working in Bracknell. Add in some awful M4 traffic and you get the idea. […]

Juneathon day 4: a bit extreme!

I usually have a pairs PT session on a Friday morning, however this week we had to bump it to Thursday – today. With the weather being so utterly beautiful, we decided to cycle the 6-ish miles to Deep Mill where we train, which was a delight. Once we got there, we had a pretty […]

Janathon days 25-28: mixed bag, and trip to the physio

After the success of Friday’s pairs PT session, the weekend was a bit of a come-down. Saturday saw me taking the highly unusual step of having to go to bed for a few hours in the afternoon, and Sunday was equally quiet. I think I must have been going down with something last week, which […]

Janathon day 22: Tabata (again)

I’m glad that not every week is as busy as this one. I’ve managed the activities, just about, but getting them up on the blog has been a bit harder! Wednesday is piano day for our two oldest kids, and we have devised a cunning “tag parenting” approach to deal with it. This involves one […]

Janathon day 21: Wild Training, plus a bit

Today has been characteristically busy. Despite this, though, this evening I was booked onto our Wild Training class at 7:30. We’re still doing lots of Tabata training, and since I’m not running, I found myself doing walking lunges with a 12Kg Bulgarian Bag thrown over my shoulders in the Tabata style. My glutes are now […]

Janathon day 15: Tabata

So running is still off the cards. The substitute for that activity at tonight’s training was therefore squats and lunges, again. That gave me about 120 squats, and 90 lunges each on my left and right legs. Having done this twice during the week, my legs are really quite achy; I am consoling myself with […]

Janathon day 13: hello glutes, goodbye toes

How can it be that things are getting so busy this early in the year! Work is really hotting up at the moment, meaning some late nights are coming up. Janathon today has been alright, though. First, I managed another set of 20 press-ups (not wanting to lose the momentum started on the last few […]

Janathon day 7: short and sharp…

That applies both to today’s exercise and this blog post. I’ve only just finished a totally different project I’ve got on the go, and it is gone 2:30AM, so I will do no more now than report that I managed Wild Training in Hervines Park this evening. the key features of note are: 1) It […]

Janathon day 6: open the floodgates!

So today was my first day back in the office this year (if not actually my first day of work), so I thought I would do a lunchtime run. I had a rough idea of a route, heading round the lakes at the aquadrome, and cheerfully set off in that direction. It was a lovely […]

Juneathon day 19: circuits, and cockapoo preparation!

After a busy day at work, what’s better than to settle down to … an hour of high-intensity intervals with Wild Training?! It was hot out there in Hervines Park, and I was slightly at sixes and sevens when I arrived, as my 9yo daughter had her brownie meeting in the same park, throwing our […]

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