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Juneathon ’18 day 22 – windows 95!

Today has been splendid. I’ve walked a fair old way (just over 14,000 steps right now), partly because I managed to work somewhere a decent walking distance from home, and had a quick lunch outing. Heading down, the sun was out, the sky was blue with just a spotting of clouds, and it looked extremely […]

Juneathon ’18 day 2 – tapering

Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Sunday is my triathlon at Blenheim, and I thought it would be daft to try to do too much. So instead I’ve been rushing around getting ready, managing about 10K steps. I did, however, have a quick outing on the bike: my 10yo was DESPERATE to have a […]

Juneathon ’18 day 1 – walk and swim

Gosh, is it June already? Wow, in that case – let’s DO THIS! Day 1 of Juneathon: tick. I had the day off work, and we had a family outing into London before the kids go back to school. My FitBit claims I’ve taken about 18,000 steps (just over 8 miles), and that sounds about […]

Janathon ’17 day 9 – shoe leather, mainly

Busy day, short post. Ok, no weights or anything, but I did at least manage to get over 11,000 steps in through the day. I have higher hopes for tomorrow…

Janathon ’17 day 7 – consistency is key

Family commitments have rather taken their toll on today. I’ve spent more than 3 hours driving, and eaten quite a lot of cake and lasagne, if that counts. In Janathon terms, all I can really claim is just over 9,000 steps plus a token 25 press-ups. That’s consistently something, right?

Janathon ’17 day 6 – lifting bits of metal

Time being at a premium, day 6 was sneakily squeezed in around other activities. The three main features were: 1) A walk to/from school, courtesy of a daughter who was up for an extra-early start  2) Quite a lot of walking during the day 3) An hour or so’s weights in the evening, before going […]

Janathon ’17 day 5 – they don’t call it a festival of activity and excuses for nothing!

With a busy work day on the cards and an outing in the evening (a very enjoyable birthday gathering, but I digress), I knew that there wouldn’t be much specific exercise going on. Therefore I had to depend on fitting in some general activity between other things, namely walking and running. The main run was […]

Janathon ’16 day 25: hobbling around!

It all hurts rather today! For a start, I bought new shoes over the weekend, and as it turns out they need a bit of wearing in. Worse, though, I’m aching quite a lot from yesterday – the run was quite literally a step too far. I was going to do some Metafit today but […]

Janathon ’16 day 23: exercise by proxy

Today has been full-on! Mrs H was out doing circuits this morning, and our oldest was on the footie, and then our littlest had a school cross country event at Hervines Park in Amersham! As it turned out, hers was actually the earliest, so she and I traipsed over to the park ready for some […]

Janathon ’16 day 14: usurped

Another day of things being kicked into touch by other things… A lunchtime Metafit was out of the question as work is rather mental at the moment. Then my plans for an evening run were also knocked out getting my 12yo packed for Guide camp on Friday. All I can really claim, therefore, is to […]

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