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Janathon ’20 day 22: misquoting Violent Femmes

You might argue – third verse day, same as the first… Today was awfully similar to day 1 this week, with circuits in the morning and yoga in the evening. Why change something that isn’t broken, I say. There – that definitely proves my love!

Janathon ’20 day 21: running and yoga

As it turns out, the last couple of days of circuits have left my legs feeling pretty broken! That’ll be all the squats, burpies, lunges and so on. However, having the idea in mind of doing a half marathon in a few months, I found myself thinking I ought to get some miles in the […]

Janathon ’20 day 20: top-and-tail sandwich

A couple of traditional hearties today. First off, an early start for circuits at 6:30am. It was freezing – pleasantly so, in fact, it being pretty dry so rather enjoyable to be out in, with the crunching under foot as we went about our exercises! I was concerned I was under-dressed, with just a long-sleeve […]

Janathon ’20 day 15: yoga recovery day

I had intended to do circuits this morning. Events overtook me, though; my son needed a late lift back after a try-out for bar work at a local-ish pub, and that combined with some inevitable faffing around meant I was rather pushing it to manage a 6am start. Of course that created the perfect conditions […]

Janathon’20 day 14: running and yoga

It was dry this morning, thankfully, so my friend and I headed out for a sneaky run. We ended up doing a slightly higher pace than expected, which felt like progress! We went just over 4 miles in the end. Then, after a day of work it was off to yoga for an hour of […]

Janathon ’20 day 8: circuit/yoga sandwich

Boo, work meetings all day today. Between about 10 and 5 I basically sat at a table talking. Thank goodness, therefore, that I was able to use this rather dry meat as the filling for a tasty circuit/yoga sandwich! Mmm-mmm. Circuits was a balmy 8C outing at 6:30am, with an hour of running around and […]

Janathon ’20 day 7: two runs and yoga – a bit too much!

With the benefit of hindsight, I’ve probably over-done it a bit today! It all started at 6:40 this morning when my friend and I went out for a 4.25 mile run. (Actually it started a few hours before that – whenever I need to get up early, my body keeps thinking I’ve over-slept, and wakes […]

Janathon ’19 day 9: more yoga

With my foot not really playing ball yet, I was left with two main physical activities to perform today: Eating lots of really bad food Yoga As far as Janathon goes, I guess one out of two ain’t bad! I’m hoping tomorrow will feature less bad food and more physical activity; perhaps I’ll try another […]

Janathon ’19 day 8: yoga!

Today has mostly been a day of wincing when confronted by stairs. Yesterday’s weights has definitely taken its toll! Thankfully, I was down for yoga this evening. Mrs H has just started teaching at a new venue – the rather splendid dance studio at the Amersham School. So we lugged what felt like about a […]

Janathon ’19 day 2: more running (and yoga)

I was back at work today, but the kids were still on their last stand before school. So an early run seemed like the thing! Today was a slightly hillier version of yesterday’s run, about 2.3 miles with a small hill. Again, it was lovely to be out in the countryside, and I found my […]

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