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Janathon ’20 day 4: Ricky parkrun, and trip to Cliveden

Parkrun has become something of a regular outing. What they say on their blog is quite right: it’s a really inclusive kind of event, with all sorts of people doing it in their own way. (No Frosty the snowmen today, though – that I noticed, at least.) As I presume is usually the case at […]

Janathon ’16 day 30: road trip

My Dad has a big birthday around now, so Saturday was a bit of a crazy whistle-stop ride down to near Bath and back in a day for his birthday party. The party itself was at the rather nice venue of Tracy Park, between Bath and Bristol. Loads of family were there – in fact […]

Janathon ’16 day 24: rather over-the-top

My cycling club, the ARCC, has outings on Sunday mornings. I don’t manage many of them due to family commitments – rides knock out half the day, typically, and that’s quite a big “ask” for Mrs H. However I do go out periodically, and with dry weather forecast, this was my day. I chose well, […]

Janathon ’16 day 9: run (and Strava fail)

With a family gathering today, there wasn’t all that much chance to get out and exercise. Thankfully, I did manage to get out for a late morning run – about 3.6 miles ish around Amersham. Unfortunately, Strava had a bit of a strop in the middle, so I can’t be sure about the pace and […]

Juneathon day 11: just squashed in

There wasn’t a minute spare yesterday, and the usual evening exercise slot was knocked out by our youngest daughter being inducted into Brownies. This entailed a ceremony in a private woods near Chesham, and the eating of burgers. So there hasn’t been much in the way of specific exercise. However, if you include a walking […]

Juneathon day 5: “rest day”… (I wish)

We have three kids between 7 and 13, and they each do different activities on a Friday. It can get rather complicated! Despite not formally “doing some exercise” today, I’ve still managed to walk just under 13,000 steps / 6 miles (mostly dashing to swimming, or round the shops, or whatever). Then we had friends […]

Janathon day 18: it took a computer to recognise my dilemma!

Or, more accurately, it took Google Play Music All Access, which I find myself listening to more and more these days. It has been day 2 of our penultimate “yoga weekend”, with Mrs H out since late morning on her course, and a rather full day for me and the kids in her absence. This […]

Janathon day 17: “recovery day”

This post might alternatively have been titled “emergency press-ups”. Mrs H left at 7:50 ish this morning, back at 8PM; she had one of her last yoga teacher training days at Yoga Junction in Crouch End. So it was me “home alone” with the three kids, without much chance to get out for some training. […]

Juneathon day 9: change of scene

Well, that was fun! I just had a trip into Town to meet up with an old friend from university. We had been trying to organise such a gathering for absolutely ages, but I’m always hard to pin down because of everything going on with the kids, orchestra etc, and he works in TV so […]

Juneathon day 8: night outing

That was much more fun! Mrs H is now back, sighs of relief all round and Juneathon activities can resume. We had a pretty active day even before she returned, though, what with straightening out the house, doing some shopping etc. Post reunion, once we were all home and the kids were dispatched to bed […]

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